✧ Commissions ✧

Status: OPEN


I will only be taking two at a time so I don’t get too overwhelmed with them! Please contact me if you would like to be put on waitlist if slots are filled. Max 5 emotes or 2 detailed chibis per slot. One customer may claim more than one slot provided it is open.

  1. OPEN

  2. OPEN


  • Commissions are for personal use only. You can display it on your personal page, make edits to it to use on your website, etc. If you are unsure of whether you can use it for something, please just ask! No one else will be allowed to use your commission unless you give them permission to, again, for personal use only.

  • Commissions for commercial purposes will come at a later time when I am able to hash out all the details, but for now I will not be taking them. This means that the artwork cannot appear on anything that will be sold.

  • The character(s) belongs to the commissioner, but as the artist I still have rights to the produced artwork to show as samples in the future (I will not be using them in any way commercially). Your commission will be watermarked when posted publicly, you will receive the unwatermarked PNG image.

  • If you are selling your rights away for the character to someone else, you cannot charge them more than what you paid me for the commission piece.

  • If you would like the commission to be private (i.e., I will not post it anywhere,) please let me know beforehand.

  • The Paypal account you are using must be your own.

  • Invoices will be sent within 24 hours of accepting your commission, please pay within 48 hours to proceed.

  • Commissions are done in the order they are placed, and will be done within two weeks (assuming the commissioner replies to the WIP in a timely manner. Estimated delivery times may be slower if you take longer to reply.) If you have a deadline please let me know ahead of time, I will let you know whether or not I can complete it by then so there will be no stress for either the commissioner or artist.


100% of payment is taken upfront. if for whatever reason your payment is on hold, your commission will not be started until the payment has cleared. Paypal and credit/debit card accepted in US or Canadian Dollars.

For any reason you need a refund in the middle of the commission process, here is the following amount that will be refunded to you minus any Paypal fees:

  • Not started: 100%

  • Sketched: 75%

  • Lined: 50%

  • Flat coloured: 25%

  • Fully shaded and completed: 0% (no refunds on completed artworks)


Completion time is usually two weeks (but may be extended to three depending on complexity of character).

  • Confirm payment

  • Initial sketch sent to commissioner for approval (please request any changes at this stage, I will be open to making changes up to two time for free - additional changes after two shown WIPs will be +$10 per requested change)

  • Completed drawing and full resolution files sent to your email

You will receive a WIP at the sketch stage only, please make sure you request any changes at this time. You will not be charged extra here as this is just the preliminary part, if changes are asked later it may be more difficult and additional charges will apply. Please feel free to be as critical as you like, this commission is for you! If there are any mistakes on my part (e.g., I missed a crucial part of the design) once the commission has been completed, I will fix it free of charge. This doesn’t include for example a change of pose, as the entire image would need to be redrawn and was something that should have been specified at the sketch stage.


Twitch Emotes/Sub Badges

- Samples TBA -

  • $50 CAD/$40 USD each
  • $45 CAD/$35 USD each for 3+
  • $40 CAD/$30 USD each for 5+

Can be used as stickers or emotes on Twitch, Discord, etc.

Includes: original 500x500 px png images of the artwork (transparent background)


Prices are listed in Canadian dollars ($CAD).

  • $130 CAD/100 USD per character

  • +$20-50 for complex designs

  • max 2 characters per canvas

Includes: original high res. artwork (usually around 3000x3000 px) both with a white stroke and without.

Backgrounds are not currently being offered, but please let me know if you would like a simple, solid coloured one (either a colour of your choice or I will eyedrop a matching colour from the existing character).

Examples of (but not limited to) things that may increase the price of your commission:

  • Detailed weapons, armour

  • Semi-transparent clothing

  • Clothing with lots of patterns (everything on the pattern will be hand drawn from scratch unless you provide me with the pattern and specifically ask me to use that)

  • Pets/companions

  • Wings

  • Lots of colour

  • Small accessories (bracelets, necklaces, etc.)


Please make sure your character is fully ready to draw! I unfortunately cannot accept written descriptions as these are commissions for existing characters, not character design. (You are welcome to find a picture of certain clothing you would like to see the character in online and I will draw it based on that reference image)


As stated before I’m comfortable with doing anything that isn’t NSFW (mild NSFW is okay), I can do fan art, original characters, or real people. I can draw you from a photograph but please make sure there is a full body or multiple references with exactly how you’d like to be drawn (clothing, hair style, etc.) I can draw pets to go with characters, weapons, armour, and so fourth. If armour is too detailed some details may be simplified, you will be notified ahead of time if this need to be done.

Form for detailed chibi commissions:

Please email xiumaiart@gmail.com with the subject: Commission (Detailed Chibi)

If you are ordering more than one chibi, please fill out the form for each one, unless you want both of them on the same canvas (max 2 per slot)

  • Fully coloured reference image of your character (For full body chibis I need to know what everything looks like from their hair to their shoes!)

  • Your paypal email for invoicing (please include this even if it is the same email you’re using to communicate with me)

  • (Optional) Give me some background information about the character, something simple like personality so I can get your character right!

  • If you have any special requests for poses or anything like that, please let me know. This includes important things that may define your character that you want me to pay special attention to.

  • Solid background colour: You can also leave it up to me if you’d like, I’ll pick a colour from the image that suits the background.

Form for custom emote commissions:

Please email xiumaiart@gmail.com with the subject: Commission (Emotes)

  • Fully coloured reference image of your character (Include clothing you want me to dress them in - by default I will follow the clothing on the reference unless otherwise specified)

  • Your paypal email for invoicing (please include this even if it is the same email you’re using to communicate with me)

  • Quantity of emotes: Max 5 per slot

  • Expressions: Please provide reference images for expressions you would like me to follow for your emotes

  • If you have any special requests for poses or anything like that, please let me know. This includes important things that may define your character that you want me to pay special attention to.

Upon filling out this form you agree to everything listed here. Once your email has been received, you will receive a confirmation from me once I’ve read it letting you know if your commission has been accepted, any other information I may need from you, or any other changes that need to be made along with the quote and turnaround time.