✧ Resell Policy ✧

Upon purchasing from my shop, you are by all means necessary allowed to resell the product if it doesn't suit you or you simply no longer like the product. Please do not purchase just to make a profit off my work. I understand I am unable to always have everything in stock due to storage limitations but I ask this so those who actually enjoy the products have a chance to purchase them.

If you need help with recalling the price you bought the item for, feel free to send me an email at xiumaiart@gmail.com and I can help pull up the invoice to let you know how much you may resell for!

Due to confusion of purchasing multiple items and splitting shipping prices, we ask you don't add the shipping prices you paid at Xiumai to the cost of the item (e.g., if you purchased multiple items and shipping was $5, it can get confusing to keep track if you decide to add on $5 per item being resold). Shipping is made as affordable as possible worldwide regardless (starting between $3-5 for most items) so we ask the items to be sold at maximum, at cost.

If you notice a seller reselling my items at higher prices, please contact me so I can ensure fairer drops in the future.